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2009 BMW Z4 SDrive35i Convertible / Roadster

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For the thrillseeker driver who loves mountain drives, curvy roads mixed in with some long straight aways getting behind the 2009 BMW Z4 roadster is what what they need.

The BMW Z4 roadster is a fast precision handler for those that love to carve winding roads, you can drive things little roadster through turns shifting the 7-speed double clutch transmission with your fingertips on the steering wheel paddle shifts and then brake hard on powerful ABS brakes without much worry as all the precision electronics of the steering, transmission, suspension and brakes will keep the BMW Z4 roadster on the road with maximum grip and stability. This basically all translates into a lot of fun and exhilarating driving.

The 2009 BMW Z4 roadster’s engine puts out 300 hp through the rear wheel and along with the traction control and stable front end catapults you from stand still with lots of controlled power. The Z4 roadster is targeted to a BMW buyer that is looking for more performance, refinement, elegance but not without the luxury and electronics wizardry and with the 2009 Z4 roadster design BMW thinks that they have achieved in creating a fun vehicle for that target market.

The 2009 BMW Z4 roadster comes in two trims the SDrive 30i starting at $46,000 and the sDrive 35i beginning at $51,900. The 2009 model was the first BMW Z4 roadster to be designed by a female named Juliane Blasi who also incorporated the first powered folding hardtop into her design. The exterior design by Juliane Blasi features a stunning new shape over the previous generation of Z4 roadster and as well the for the 2009 year the coupe is not available anymore, because there is no need for a coupe, if the roadster features a hardtop had folds away into a convertible.

The beautiful interior of the BMW Z4 roadster and now comes with exquisite ivory white Nappa leather and anthracite trim option. The interior also features BMW’s iDrive electronics controller (looks like a big dial knob), a more top end audio system, navigation and communication system. The sport style leather seat of sDrive35i is snug and holds your body securely when you having fun on the curvy roads.

The 2009 BMW Z4 roadster / convertible is roughly 1.5 cm longer and a little wider than its predecessor plus it is 135 kg more in weight. It is based on the BMW 3 series platform except it has re-enforced A-pillars, and roll over bars, some of the safety features include front and side airbags, Xenon headlights and lots of advance electronic assist driving technologies.

The fold away hardtop closes in just 20 seconds thanks to the dual aluminum electronic hydraulic mechanism …amazing! Once the top is down and you are driving there is not that much wind buffeting which is a good thing and makes the BMW Z4 roadster much more pleasant to drive on a nice day.

The dash features simple dual-dial instrument cluster which is quite uniform across BMW’s car lineup ,large foldaway navigation system screen which is located higher up in the center console and a “PUSH” start button. Other controls in the interior are the iDrive controller, and your standard vent adjusters. Two choices are available for your dash trim, you can choose Wood or Aluminum depending on your choice of how you want your driving environment to be.

The 2009 BMW Z4 sDrive30i comes with a 3.0 liter engine with dual overhead cams in an inline six cylinder configuration. It pushes out 255 horsepower at a RPM of 6000 and has 220 lb-ft of torque at around 2600 rpm, you have the choice of mating the engine to a six speed manual or a six speed sport automatic transmission.

The higher model sDrive35i is equipped with a 3.0 liter engine as well except it has twin turbochargers that bumps the output of the engine to 300 hp at 5800 rpm and 300 lb-ft of torque starting at 1400 rpm. To put the power down on the rear wheels there is a choice of either a six speed manual or a seven speed double clutch gear box which incorporates the paddle shifts on the steering wheel for super fast F1 style shifting. So how fast is the sDrive35i, this Z4 roadster can go from 0-100 km/h in 5.2 seconds.

Fuel economy is rated at 12.2L per 100 km in the city and 8.2L per 100 km on the highway given that you drive normally and not step on the gas all the time, which is hard to do in this fun convertible.

The Dynamic Drive Control system of the Z4 roadster features 3 settings and permits the driver to change power steering, engine management and gas pedal dynamics, while the Dynamic Stability Control system makes sure the suspension response and adapts to driving conditions. To keep the BMW Z4 convertible stable on the road the Z4 features double wishbone front and a center link system
for the rear suspension. The sDrive35i comes fitted 17 inch tires all round. The fronts are 225/45R17 and the rears are 255/40R17.

The 2009 BMW Z4 convertible / roadster is definitely a perfect mix of luxury, style and performance for the distinctive BMW buyer who is looking for all those qualities with a touch of sportiness and open air fun.


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