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2009 Audi TT 3.2 Quattro Convertible / Roadster

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Audi’s TT is definitely a car design to please the eye. The look is sophisticated and elegant and maintains the original flare of the original TT launched in the year 2000. The cool, chic Audi TT two seater starts at $37,800 and go as high up in price to above $40,800.

This car is awesome from the Audi’s trademark trapezoid front grille to the wedgy accent lines on the fuselage. The dashboard is well designed and compact with all details , gauges placed correctly along with aluminum trimming. The center console features Audi’s multimedia interface and navigation system which is a $2500 upgrade.

The Audi TT is made of a lot of aluminum. Both the body and the frame is made of lightweight and stiff aluminum which make this roadster / convertible feel light, nimble and fast.

The base version of the Audi TT convertible comes with a manual top and of course the higher models have the a motored powered convertible top mechanism that is smooth and tight fitting. With the powered top just push a button and the canvas top intuitively and seamlessly into the back deck. Whether the convertible top is up or down the luggage compartment capacity is the same and is big enough to put 2 hard suitcases or 2 golf bags… that’s all. One other great feature of the Audi TT convertible / roadster is a mesh wind deflector that deploys from behind the roll hoops in case things get too windy when you have the top down.

There are 3 choices when it comes to engines for the Audi TT. All three are direct injection engines are they are:

  • 4 cylinder 2.0 liter, 200 hp turbocharged
  • V6 3.2 liter , 250 hp / 236 lb-ft torque
  • 4 cylinder 2.0 liter, 265 hp turbocharged in the Audi TTS

If you are wanting the top of the line Audi TT, then you will have to step up to the 3.2 liter TTS which includes Quattro all-wheel drive and DSG automatic-manual gearbox. The price for top of the line though will run you into the low $60,000s in the range of the Porsche Boxer.

The performance of the 200 hp 2.0 liter engine version of the Audi TT is a 0-100 km/hour in 6.4 seconds which is quite quick. However, one step up to the 3.2 liter engine gets you a performance of just 0.4 seconds faster a 0-100 km/hour in 6.4 seconds.

Slowing down is also not a problem for all models of the Audi TT, the large ventilated disc brakes will shave speed off quite quickly.

The fuel economy of the Audi TT 3.2 Quattro Roadster is by no means great, after all it is a sporty little car. The TT sucks 12.6 liter of fuel for every 100 km in the city and on the highway it does better consuming only 8.1 liter of fuel every 100 km on premium gasoline.


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