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2009 Infiniti G37 Convertible – Sexy Sport Handling and Style

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The Infiniti G37 convertible is an amazing car, here are a few reasons why. The seats force cool air out to keep the driver back from sticking to the leather seats when it’s too hot and humid outside, also the stereo system in this thing is loud and clear even with the top down at high speeds thanks to the 13 speaker system including 10 inch speakers in the front doors and headrest speakers…sweet and for a car the is a convertible the Infiniti G37 is stiff and handles and rides really well. Usually, convertibles suffer from chasis flex, but the Infiniti G37 doesn’t seem to have that problem.

This G37 convertible has been priced by Infiniti to compete head on with the likes of the BMW 3 series convertible. The G37 convertible starts at $44,350 and goes as high as $47,000. The BMW 328i convertible starts at $45,000 and the top of the line BMW 335is starts at $52,500.

Infiniti’s goal was to take direct aim at BMW by creating a convertible that is performance oriented, by making the G37 topless more stiff and rigid by strengthening the A-pillar and add more structure behind the rear seats.

With this G37 Convertible Sport you can take sharp corners easily, accelerate fast with the standard six speed manual transmission or the F1 like paddle shift available on the 7 speed automatic transmission. The Premier model of the G37 convertible does not have as much oomph. It only comes with a 7 speed automatic transmission with no paddle shift.

The designers at Infiniti has done a stellar job with the looks of the G37 convertible. In most cases convertibles have a big or fat backend due to the fact that the top is folded and stored in the trunk area, but the G37 convertible’s back end looks no different than the G37 Coupe. The engineers figured how to stuff it all in there without adding fatness to the trunk lid design.

The interior of the G37 convertible is upscale with soft leather, plenty of support in the thigh, back and lumbar area. The materials used in the cars interior is luxurious not cheap and the high tech controls on the dash are all well placed.

Engine power for the Infiniti G37 convertible is a 3.7 liter V-6 putting out 325 horsepower. The Sport model comes with 19-inch 10 spoke aluminum wheels, performance tires, Brembo brakes, sport seats, sport-tuned steering, power and memory front seats, aluminum pedals, leather interior and magnesium paddle shifters. Standard safety features are airbags and electronic stability control.

The other model, the Premier Edition is only available in Diamond Graphite exterior color (metallic grey). The interior features real maple trimming and the leather interior is red in color. The grille of the G37 Premier convertible is black and it also comes with the navigation system as well, the front seats features climate controls.

Trunk space in convertibles has always been a sore spot and the trunk in the Infiniti G37 convertible is no exception like the BMW 3 series and many others the available space in the trunk is only enough to put a set of golf clubs.

In conclusion, Infiniti has done an amazing job with the G37 convertible it has excellent handling, luxurious cabin and plenty of power for fun fast driving. It is a sure competitor for the BMW 3 series convertible that is for sure, however which to buy is your decision…depending on how much you’d like to fork out. In this economy though the Infiniti G37 convertible is a definite great value. Oh, also Infiniti the brand has the best resale value among luxury car brands.


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