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2014 Lexus RX 350 – More Aggressive Looking with All The Comfort

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The styling of the Lexus RX stands on its own, it doesn’t look like a truck and at the same time it does not look like a minivan. The exterior designers at Lexus has made the Lexus RX stand in its own class when it comes to styling compared to other auto manufacturers in the same class.



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2010 Land Rover LR4 – Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

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For 2010, the LR3 becomes the Land Rover LR4 with lots of both mechanical and cosmetic improvements. For the starting price of $48,100 you get a new 375 horsepower 5.0L V8 direct injection engine that boast better fuel economy and pull (torque) than the previous 300 hp 4.4L engine.


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2009 Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 – Good Looking Compact SUV

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Mercedes-Benz has 5 SUVs in their model line up, the newest is the Mercedes-Benz GLK a compact SUV as it is classified. Although by looking at the Mercedes GLK you couldn’t tell if it was a compact.

The compact SUV market is where it’s at these days, as most people who do not want large trucks are looking for something smaller to fit their needs and the Mercedes-Benz GLK and other their competitors appeal to this market segment of buyer.


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BMW X6 xDrive50i SUV – 2009

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BMW calls the X6 a Sport Activity Coupe, which is a different take on Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). The reason is because they want to accentuate the BMW X6 sporty car-like driving characteristics, which BMW thinks caters to active car consumers. However, the BMW X5 may be a better buy as it costs less, has additional cargo room, seats more people and is better on fuel efficiency than the BMW X6. So what can the BMW X6 offer over that?


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Off Roading or The Theatre, 2009 Range Rover Sport Can Take You There

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Slide into the seat of any Range Rover and you feel a sense of class. Could be the leather-wrapped scent, the look and feel of detailed workmanship that makes Range Rover a top brand beyond their competitors in the luxury sport utility market.


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