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2013 Land Rover LR2 – Catching Up To Competitors

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The older Land Rover LR2 (Freelander) is quite outdated and is in need of an update both in the mechanics and styling department. In 2013 Land Rover has made quite a few changes to the mechanics of the small SUV, but only some minor changes to the styling.

The new 2013 Range Rover got a styling upgrade, while the bigger Land Rover LR2 for 2013 got a minor styling touch up (current body from old Ford Escape), but the engine has now been inherited from the Evoque’s 2.0-litre turbocharged four cylinder which is the same as the small 2013 Ford Escape SUV. Ford use to own Land Rover and there are still quite a bit of part sharing going on today.

It also has a brand-new interior, optional 825-watt Meridian stereo system and a new engine which is a four cylinder turbo with an extra 10 horsepower and 16 pound-feet more than the 3.2-litre Volvo-sourced inline six engine it replaces. With the new engine the 2013 Land Rover LR2 sheds some weight and sips less gasoline at the same time.


The interior of the previous LR2 or Freelander have always been a sore spot, it looked dated and the the other automakers or competition had better well designed modern cabins. The view from the driver’s seat of the 2013 Land Rover LR2 now is more pleasant than before with leather trim that is now more sumptuous, there’s a new seven-inch LCD touchscreen center console as the navigation and audio systems controller with voice-activation and the instrument cluster has been modernized.

Other upgrades include the Terrain Response switch that is much easier to turn on with a button on the center console, also the LR2 now has dual sunroofs and the more powerful sound system. The interior now feels less plastiky, it has been replaced with newer softer-touch material moving the LR2 further away from its bargain-basement roots (the original LR2/Freelander had particularly cheap interior).


Like older models of the Land Rover LR2 it has amazing off-road capabilities, although it won’t do as well the bigger brother Range Rover, it is better than your run of the mill SUVs out there. The ability to negotiate rough terrain is thanks to the Haldex full-time four-wheel-drive system and the trademark Terrain Response system plus Hill Descent Control.


The ride on normal roads gives responsive steering thanks to its stiff suspension, since most of your time is spent driving on the streets and highways the harder shocks will not be a bad thing.

As for storage, you will not run out of space for all your gear or furniture if you have to move something that big.  With the seat folded down the Land Rover LR2 features the most vertical space in its class, so if you need to transport large items this is the SUV for you.


With a starting price of $37,290, USD, it is less $7,005 less than the cheapest Evoque which is mechanically similar, but the Evoque has more aggressive outer styling. At this price range the competitors like the Mercedes GLK, Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Acura RDX might offer better exterior styling (style is in the eye of the beholder), but not the off-road worthiness of the 2013 Land Rover LR2. Some homework and test drives have to be done to truly determine what you want.


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