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Hamilton Ventura Quartz Anniversary and XXL Edition – Elvis Presley tribute Luxury Watch

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To celebrate Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday watch maker Hamilton made two special models. The shield-shaped Ventura Quartz which is a replica of the 1050s model that Elvis wore in 1961 movie “Blue Hawaii” and a XXL version.

The Hamilton Ventura Quartz is the same design as the orignal 1957 made watch. Back then it was the first electrical battery-powered watch and the Ventura is available in stainless steel or yellow gold with a PVD finish.

Beneath the sapphire crystal is a black dial that displays rounded point hour markers which looks similar to the wall clocks of the 1950s era. Precision Swiss quartz movement provides accurate timekeeping and consumers get a either a metallic flex bracelet or a two-toned leather strap in gold and silver or just a black strap. Elvis originally bought the Hamilton Ventura watch with a black leather strap originally but asked that a gold and silver metal bracelet be made for him…to match his celebrity status.

Hamilton Ventura continues today to project itself as a unique timepiece, just as has for the last fifty years, today you can purchase a limited edition XXL edition. It is powered by automatic movement and it combines classic looks with some modern touches for “Rockin’ Rolla” impact. The same shield shape and gunmetal color case in endowed with smooth surfaces, XXL dimensions and a angled crown at 3 o’ clock position. The dial is Black or White and is similar in looks to a grille of a high end stereo speakes, there is also a touch of red that stretches from 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock position and then re-appears on the tip of the second hand. The case of the Hamilton Ventura XXL Edition has flowing lines and incorporates a sporty black rubber strap.

Both the Hamilton Ventura Quartz Anniversary and XXL Edition are amazing and unique luxury timepieces that will sure to keep the “Kings” (Elvis Presley’s) legend alive.

Ventura Quartz – Price: $775
Ventura XXL – Price: $1295


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